Apr 8, 2009

~Send Some Easter Love~

Send someone you love a touch of Spring this year for Easter! Here are a few suggestions for Spring plants & Spring fresh bouquets.

Hydrangeas....either potted or cut in fresh flower arrangements.

Hyacinth Plants

Tulips in pots or cut in fresh flower arrangements.

Traditional Easter Lilies

Hydrangea, Roses, Tulips, Gerbera Daisy& Carnations

Alstroemeria, Carnations, Waxflower, Stock & Forsythia

Alstroemeria, Tulips, Roses, Carnations & Acacia


Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

Can I just live in your world for a short time...it is sooo pretty!

Delightfully Wed's Weblog said...

The spring flowers/bouquets are beautiful. I love hydrangeas and tulips. Oh, and the lilies and gerber daisies....they are all such beautiful colors. Lucky you, working with all the beauty of nature every day. Thanks for sharing! :)

kayellen said...

Beautiful Flowers!!!

Have a blessed Easter:)


raquel roysdon said...

Hi Tammy,
As always your floral designs are fabulous and I nominated your blog for an award on my blog.

Tabitha in Bliss said...

Hydrangeas are OMG beautiful!!

Blondie's Journal said...

Very pretty!


Shelia said...

So lovely! I love these flowers with their gorgeous colors!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Liz said...

The colors are so bright and cheerful. Your color combinations are beautiful

The Muse said...

well i WISH i could see some blossoms...right now i still have leaves, leaves and more LEAVES!


you are really perking up the spring desire :) LOL

Delightfully Wed's Weblog said...

I had planned to tell you my favorite arrangment from your slide but I have too many favorites! You shouldn't creative such beautiful arrangements! lol I love all of them! You don't have one that is not just lovely!

I need some of those beautiful blooms in my yard. I'll just visit your site and dream! lol

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"I must use my moments wisely, for they shall soon pass away... And be lost to me forever... A mere memory of my yesterdays...

"Thus she sung
And thus she cried.
Her voice set to harp
And lyre. So true a call
So true a heart did Zeus himself see...

"Come now unto
Mt Olympus

Oh white Iris,
And our announcer be"...
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In such a curving grace...
Transposed she was
In time and space...

The blessed arched path
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