Nov 27, 2012

Happy Holidays 


White Iris Designs

Holiday Services Offered:

In Home/Office Decorating
Rental of Linens for Holiday Parties
Fresh Christmas Greens
Fresh/Artificial Christmas Arrangements & Wreaths
Gift Certificates 
Gift Baskets
 Holiday Special ~ Now through December 8th

Pre-Order your Holiday Centerpiece, Poinsettia, Wreath or Fresh Christmas Greens
receive 15% off your order.

Call us today to for your special Holiday order!! 

We wish you a blessed Christmas & New Year 
White Iris Designs 

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The White Iris

The Iris danced across
the ancient Grecian skies. Gliding with her
satiny milken sides.

Her lithe and nimble limbs moved methodically...
From her cream white petals to her supple stem. The nectar that she carried was transposed into a hymn.

"I must use my moments wisely, for they shall soon pass away... And be lost to me forever... A mere memory of my yesterdays...

"Thus she sung
And thus she cried.
Her voice set to harp
And lyre. So true a call
So true a heart did Zeus himself see...

"Come now unto
Mt Olympus

Oh white Iris,
And our announcer be"...
She floated along
In such a curving grace...
Transposed she was
In time and space...

The blessed arched path
Which she did go,
Became the journey for
All our eternal rainbows.

Copyright 2008
By The Muse
(For Tam, White Iris Designs)

The Muse

The Muse
Prose~Art~Writing~Web & Blog Design~Graphics

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